365 Days of Fear: Days 106 and 107

At this point in the challenge, I am proud of myself for only getting one day behind and give myself a gold star when I manage to post every day. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten a gold star in quite a while…

College is getting more and more hectic and crazy because finals are coming up. Also, my birthday is on Saturday so trying to wrangle some plans up for that has been a super duper time.

Day 106

Yesterday was a busy day; it was a Tuesday. Need I say more? But, actually, it was a busier Tuesday than usual. Instead of just my four classes I had four classes, got sick, and had a pizza party for my new job in the writing center (that somehow fit into my schedule I’m still ??).

None of it really made me nervous or scared except for the pizza party. I know, I know what you’re thinking: “Ella, why tf are you scared of a pizza party? You love pizza!” And, friend, you are correct when you state that, but I am not scared of pizza. Alas, I am scared of new people, and I knew virtually no one except for my senior Gustie Greeter who was going to be there. And not only that, but I had to walk there alone as well.

Well, of course, I was going to face this fear–there was pizza involved. Not even a question. But I decided I would get there fashionably late (approximately 2 minutes late if you were wondering). Lo and behold I walked in late and everyone stared at me because they were doing introductions. So I suppose I really faced two fears yesterday: going somewhere alone and public humiliation.

All is well, though, I got two slices of pizza before I had to scurry off to band rehearsal.

Day 107

Today was a big day! Approximately one million, trillion years after my accident I was cleared by my physical therapist for physical activity. So, naturally, I brought my little partner to play racquetball (pssh no, it’s not because she asked me to last week, it’s definitely because I got cleared and wanted to engage in “physical activity”).

As we were playing racquetball my back began to twinge with a familiar pain. I was tempted to stop, but my physical therapist told me that it would be better to allow a little pain as long as it wasn’t sharp (which it wasn’t). So I swallowed my fear of permanently having a messed up back because of one racquetball “game” (I wouldn’t really call what we were doing a game, it was more of a “let’s try to actually hit the ball this time” type of deal).

And so far, so good. I still am up and mobile (if you count writing a paper and watching six episodes of Grey’s Anatomy mobile…). So all is well!

107 days down, 258 to go!


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