365 Days of Fear: Days 109-111

Summer has officially descended on spring. No longer are the days of mild 70 degree days. No, now it is 90 degrees during the day and 70 degrees by night. Climate change is real, people. This hot weather has made my motivation swoop to an all-time low of -10000099900333 and I have not been very productive when it comes to studying for finals. Oh well, #yolo am I right?

Day 109

Friday was a good day. It heated up and it was the end of the week–also it was the beginning of my birthday week celebrations! To be honest, I could not have asked for much better of a birthday weekend; I live for warm weather.

But before I could enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine in my hammock I had to face a fear. I had to meet with people I did not know for the Buddy Project and take their pictures. Furthermore, I had to meet with upperclassmen people I did not know. Strangers scare me in general, but strangers who are older and wiser scare me even more (yes, I am aware that no one in college really knows what they’re doing, but still).

I had to face this fear and get over myself because my project depended on it. I could only take pictures of people my age for so long until interest ran out. And for your information, it went well and if you want to check out the project hit up @bpatgac on Instagram!

Day 110

My birthday! Good ‘ol 19. They grow up so fast, right? The first activity for my day of birth celebration was a band concert and holy Hannah it was hot out. I decided it was a very bad idea to wear my usual black sweater and long skirt with closed toe shoes to the concert. So I wore something different.

To many of you, this probably does not sound scary. So, what? I ‘m wearing a different outfit…

But I wasn’t sure that what I was wearing exactly qualified as “concert black” which is the guideline we have to follow for concerts. But I went with it anyway (a short black dress and black sandals, by the way) and it went over smoothlyD. My director didn’t even notice and if she did she didn’t say anything. Score.

Day 111

Today was hot. There are no other words to describe it. I began packing up my room and taking down things and stuff from the walls and I was dripping sweat, quite literally. And that task–that made me drip sweat–was the fear I faced for today. I was scared that taking things down would rip chunks of the wall off and we would be fined. I also feared not having enough bags to fit all of my things.

But things are looking good, people. I took my first haul down to my car and my room is sad and empty. It’s almost goodbye to my freshman year of college, holy cannoli.

111 days down, 254 to go!


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