365 Days of Fear: Days 112/113

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and I haven’t really come to terms with how that is possible. This school year has quite possibly been one of the fastest of my life, but it certainly did not come without trials that made it seem as though it was dragging on…

Day 112

On Monday I faced a fear I have had my whole life. It followed me from elementary school to (definitely) middle school to high school and apparently college. The fear I am talking about is the fear of wearing dresses.

Yes, another dumb and irrational fear, what’s new? But there are so many things that could go wrong! My dress could fly up and show people things that they certainly did not want to see. It could get caught in my backpack and do the same thing. I could have forgotten to shave a large part of my legs. The list goes on and on.

But for many reasons I found myself wearing a dress on Monday. One of the main ones being that I didn’t have any clean clothes that weren’t dresses and the other big one being that I did not want to wear pants.

And as soon as I walked out of my door I was self-conscious because a dress is something that I normally wear and for all of the aforementioned reasons as well. But as I walked around and went to class I began to feel good and decided that it might be time to break out more dresses collecting dust in my closet.

Day 113

The fear I faced today wasn’t quite as tangible as the one I did on Monday. Today I interviewed a student that I knew (sort of) from a class for an article I’m writing for our school’s weekly newspaper.

Now, you’re probably wondering: “Ella, why in the world would you be anxious at the thought of interviewing someone you don’t know?”

Well, friends, the answer is that because I don’t know her super well I’m not sure how I am supposed to act, as dumb as that sounds. But despite my best efforts (I offered to email her the questions) we still met in person. And it did not go horribly. Hallelujah.

113 days down, 252 to go!



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